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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • ACS Approved Chemistry ProgramThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Gannon University is located on the fourth floor of the Zurn Science Center. We offer undergraduate programs in chemistry and biochemistry, approved by the American Chemical Society, that culminate in the Bachelor of Science degree. We also have a cooperative chemical engineering program that culminates in two Bachelor of Science degrees, a chemical engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and chemistry degree from Gannon University. Our students pursue nationally recognized undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry curriculums and have the flexibility to take courses in related scientific fields. Chemistry and biochemistry majors at Gannon University enjoy challenging core courses, interactive laboratory experiences, and exciting opportunities to conduct original scientific research with a faculty mentor. The Department offers to its students the advantages of small class sizes, individual attention, and frequent contact with faculty and staff members.

    Mission Statement

    The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recognizes the diversity of the backgrounds and career aspirations of students and contributes to their preparation to address global challenges. We offer high-quality learning experiences that position students to transition into graduate programs and professional careers that uses a background in the chemical sciences.

    Vision Statement

    Transforming the future with chemistry for a better world.

    Majors and Minors

    The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides three pathways to the Bachelor of Science degree, as well as a minor in Chemistry. Explore our curricula in the links below.

    Career Options

    The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recognizes the versatility of chemistry degrees. Our curriculum prepares students for the many career opportunities in chemistry and related fields.  Graduates from Gannon University are regularly accepted to competitive graduate programs, and they are well positioned to apply to health professional schools such as medical, pharmacy, veterinary and dental. With a B.S. in Chemistry or Biochemistry, Gannon University graduates are eligible to enter the workforce immediately, and enjoy nearly 100% job placement. The range of opportunities available to chemists and biochemists is vast, and includes the following.

    • Applied research and development
    • Basic government research
    • Chemistry and the law
    • Chemistry in the arts
    • Chemistry professor
    • Clinical chemistry
    • Entrepreneurial consulting
    • Environmental protection
    • Food science and agriculture
    • High school chemistry teacher
    • Forensic chemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Pharmacology
    • Public health
    • Science policy and advocacy
    • Technical sales and marketing
    • Toxicology

    Chemical engineers are involved in manufacturing processes, where they design equipment, find efficiencies to optimize costs, and implement engineering protocols that positively impact health, safety and the environment. Students who participate in the chemical engineering program are eligible for employment in these areas and more.

    • Aerospace industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Biomedical and biotechnology fields
    • Chemical plants
    • Electronics industry
    • Medical industry
    • Military industries
    A summary of career options available to chemists, biochemists and chemical engineers is available at What Chemists Do on the American Chemical Society website. The Society also publishes employment and salary information for chemists in their annual Employment and Salary Survey.