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Strategic Collaborations

  • Project Proposal for Strategic Collaboration

    Gannon University’s Dahlkemper School of Business students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels engage in capstone courses and research projects throughout the curricula.  The School of Business encourages collaboration with organizations on these projects to benefit both them, by meeting their business needs, and the students, by providing practical, hands-on experience to enhance their education. Our students engage with entities in all sectors including for-profit, NGO's and not-for-profits and all sizes -- from sole-proprietors, start-ups, to well-established national corporations. Whatever your pressing business needs are, we can match those to our student talent base.

    Project Scope and Timeline

    • Interested parties seeking to collaborate with Gannon University should complete the brief Project Proposal form on this page to detail the scope of the project request.
    • Project submissions are accepted at any time.
    • Projects are vetted by the School of Business leadership and matched to an appropriate graduate program (Master in Business Administration or Healthcare Administration) or undergraduate program (in various disciplines including: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Management, Marketing, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Sport Marketing and Management, or International Management).  The more information supplied in the form below, the easier it is to assess the ideal match for your project and our graduate or undergraduate students’ capabilities.
    • Projects can span a semester or partial semester.  Fall semester projects would begin in early August and spring semester projects in early January.  Summer semester projects are possible, depending on the scheduled courses, but would be restricted to graduate level student projects. 
    • The number of students assigned to a project may vary depending on its size and scope. All projects are overseen by a faculty advisor. 
    • Interaction can occur directly with the student consulting groups via in-person visits to campus or entirely by telecommunication.
    • Deliverables will be provided based on a timeline agreed upon between the organization and the faculty advisor.  Often, students’ final deliverables include an oral presentation and written documentation.

    Financial Support

    A donation applies to each project, representing a direct benefit to our students by subsidizing the cost for any necessary project expenses and/or costs incurred for the final project deliverables.  Donations allocated to the Dean’s Excellence Fund also support student travel, software, conference attendance, certifications, and other professional development opportunities, etc. 

    The donation amount can be adjusted based upon company size and type, as well as project scope. 


    Gannon University’s School of Business values collaborators willing to participate in a relationship that will bring their organization and a team of students together in a problem-solving project that provides students with practical experience and further develops their business education. Ideally, these collaborations represent an important first step in building long-term relationships with local, regional, and international organizations, which will lead to internships, full-time employment and faculty research and engagement.

    For questions or more information contact Amy Doolan, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering and Business and Director for the Dahlkemper School of Business at   Otherwise, complete the project request form and we will be in touch with you. 

    Project Request Form