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  • At Gannon University, undergraduate research plays a central role in the learning experience. Chemistry and biochemistry majors are required to participate in at least two semesters of independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. At Gannon, research conducted by faculty members often results in publications with students as co-authors. Every year, our undergraduate students present the results of their original work at conferences on the local and national levels.

    Faculty Research Groups

    The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to mentoring undergraduate research and to offering meaningful collaborative research experiences that prepare students for the rigors of graduate school or a career in industry. The chemistry faculty maintain active research groups that regularly engage undergraduate students. Students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate research should meet one-on-one with faculty members to indicate their interest and to inquire about open positions. The faculty and student can then develop a research project and timeline together.


    Safety and proper laboratory technique are taught and emphasized continually throughout our program. Before working in the laboratory, all students participate in safety training when taking a laboratory course or conducting research in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our faculty and staff maintain their training by completing an annual safety program.