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    The Gannon Biology department houses a variety of instrumentation that is used for teaching classes, laboratories and research projects.  Students have the opportunity to gain hands on experience using state of the art instrumentation.  In addition to the instrumentation, the biology department utilizes 3 shared research laboratories and 10 classroom laboratories.  In addition the above facilities, we also have a fish room, a cold room, and a vivarium room.


    Emax Precision Microplate Reader  Emax
    Olympus 1X51 Inverted Epifluorsecent Scope  olympus-1x51
    Epifluorescent Microscope  epifluorescent
    Olympus SZX16 scope w/ Prior Lumen 200  Olympus-szx16
    Glomax Multi+ Multimode Microplate Reader  glomax
    Barnstead E-Pure - Water Purification System  Barnstead
    Fisher IsoTemp Ultra-Low Freezer (2)  IsoTemp
    Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge  centrifuge
    Spectrophotometer  Spectrophotometer
    StepOne Real Time PCR system  StepOne
    Illumina Miseq FGx Next Gen Sequencing System  Illumina
    Applied Biosystems 7500 Real Time PCR System  Biosystems
    Luminescent Image Analyzer  Luminescent
    MaxQ 4450  MaxQ
    Autoclaves  Autoclaves
    AIREGARD Laminis Airflow Work Station  Laminis
    Max Q 4000 Orbital Shaker   Orbital Shaker
    Flaked Ice Machine  Flaked Ice Machine
    Dishwasher  Dishwasher
    Sorvall RC 5B Plus  Sorvall
    Laminar Flow Hood - LFI  Laminar
     LICOR Odyssey Gel Documentation System  Odyssey Gel
     ECHO Rebel Light Microscope  Rebel Microscope
    ECHO Revolve Flourescence Microscope  Revolve Microscope
    Perceval Environmental Chambers  Perceval Environmental Chambers
    Shimadzu UV-1900  Shimadzu UV-1900
    Shimadzu RF-6000  Shimadzu RF-6000
    Fisher Marathon 3200 and Evoscope  Fisher Marathon 3200 and Evoscope
    Fisher Accuscan Plate Reader  Fisher Accuscan plate reader
    Shimadzu TOC Analyzer  Shimadzu TOC Analyzer
    The Environaut  Environaut Research Vessel


    In addition to the above instrumentation, our department maintains standard equipment for microbiology, genetics, limnology and ecology laboratories.