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Board of Trustees Statement

  • A statement from Gannon's Board of Trustees

    We have come to know Dr. Keith Taylor over the past 17 years and have a deep appreciation for him personally and for his careful stewardship of the university. We are happy for him and his family and understand what a moment like this means for him on an individual level. We wish them the best in their next chapter, we look forward to one more tremendous year under his leadership, and we are thrilled that his engagement with Gannon will continue after some well-deserved time away.

    We have known this day was coming and we have been preparing for it. A Leadership Transition Committee is already at work.

    As a university community, we are blessed.

    Because of Dr. Taylor’s work in building a community that provides the right environment for learning and growth, as well as his mentoring, coaching, and team building, we are ready to take the next step in finding our next university leader.

    The trustees are enthusiastic about where the university is today, and we invite each member of the Gannon community to join in this moment to deeply explore what we might need in our next president. Together we can help define the characteristics of what we will need in our next leader.

    Please join us in the days and weeks ahead as we engage the entire Gannon community in this process.

    We are so proud that Gannon is not just a place to earn a degree.

    Gannon is a Catholic university that helps form the total person.

    Gannon is a university in the heart of the city, always working to be a great neighbor and aid the community’s reinvention.

    Gannon is a leader and innovator – as an educator, as an employer, and as a partner.

    As we prepare for our centennial in 2025, now is the time to reflect and celebrate our achievements and, more importantly, to keep up the momentum and consider the Gannon of tomorrow and who might best be suited to guide our journey.

    We are grateful for the work Dr. Taylor and many others have done to get us here. We are resolved to continue Gannon’s mission and to fulfill its obligations to our students and our full Gannon community. It is an exciting time as we look forward to deepening Gannon’s impact on all who we are called to serve.


    Persico Signature

    Most Rev. Lawrence Persico, J.C.L.
    Bishop of the Diocese of Erie and chairman of Gannon’s Board of Trustees