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2024 Solar Eclipse

  • Safety Information

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    April 8th 2024: Total Eclipse

    A total solar eclipse will occur in Erie, PA on April 8th 2024 at 3:16PM, and Erie will not bear witness to another until 2099. On April 8th the people of Erie and the surrounding area will see the sun disappear and leave a ghostly glow in the daytime sky that will last for 3 min 42s. This is the moment when the moon completely covers the disc of the sun and is called the Totality.

    The ‘Line of Totality’ is the area over which the total eclipse can be viewed. This line is very narrow and those wishing to see the eclipse will have to travel to locations along this thin line on the Earth’s Globe. The city of Erie (and consequently Gannon University) are in the path of this line. Erie is the largest city in PA to bear witness to the total eclipse. 

    These videos do not constitute official, professional advice. Viewers with questions should view the American Astronomical Society webpage.

    Eclipse Timeline

    • 2:02PM: First Contact
      • Beginning of Partial Phase - Observe only with Eclipse Glasses or Solar Filter
      • Wait time: 1 hr 14 mins
    • 3:16PM: Totality Begins
      • Safe to observe without glasses or filter
      • Totality Duration: 3 m 41.8s
    • 3:20PM: Totality Ends
      • Partial Phase - Observe only with Eclipse Glasses or Solar Filter
      • Wait time: 1 hr 10 mins
    • 4:30PM: Last Contact
      • End of Partial Phase

    Eclipse Timeline - Glasses
    Totality Times and Durations for Erie and Surrounding Locations

    Location Start Time Duration
    Asbury Woods 3:16:14 PM EDT 3:40
    Tom Ridge Env. Center 3:16:16 PM EDT 3:34
    Schaefer's Auto Art 3:16:18 PM EDT 3:38
    Presque Isle Lighthouse 3:16:20 PM EDT 3:45
    Presque Isle State Park 3:16:20 PM EDT 3:44
    Bayfront Convention Center 3:16:22 PM EDT 3:42
    Bicentennial Tower 3:16:22 PM EDT 3:43
    Warner Theatre 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    UPMC Park 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Saint Peter Cathedral 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Saint Patrick Church 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    expERIEnce Children's Museum 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Erie Maritime Museum 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Erie Insurance Arena 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Gannon University 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Erie Art Museum 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:42
    Perry Monument 3:16:23 PM EDT 3:43
    Splash Lagoon Water Park 3:16:24 PM EDT 3:36
    Erie Zoo 3:16:24 PM EDT 3:40
    North Pier Light 3:16:24 PM EDT 3:43
    Erie Land Lighthouse 3:16:25 PM EDT 3:42
    Presque Isle Downs & Casino 3:16:28 PM EDT 3:36
    Source: and Fred Espenak NASA GSFC (
    All times and durations are approximate based on location and size of area for campuses and parks.

    About Our Expert - Dr. David Horne

    Dr. David Horne is a physicist and astronomer at Gannon University, Erie Campus and an active physics and astronomy researcher and educator, holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in both Physics and Astrophysics. An experienced amateur astronomical observer before embarking on his professional career, Dr.Horne has nearly 35 years of experience in observing the sky and has traveled to observe eclipses in both Europe and the USA.