Gannon University to Host Author Rob Shindler

Author Rob Shindler

Author Rob Shindler

Gannon University will host author Rob Shindler to discuss his book "Hotdogs & Hamburgers," on Thursday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. in Gannon's Hammermill Center, 620 Peach St., as part of the University's Freedom Series.

 In this heartwarming story, author Rob Shindler tells how he offered his time, unflagging energy and unconventional teaching techniques to help a boy with serious learning differences and adults suffering from low literacy levels. As a father who wanted to help his son with his reading deficiencies, Shindler discovered the way to achieving that goal was through volunteering at Literacy Chicago.

 It was there that Shindler learned firsthand the common misconceptions of learning disabilities and adult illiteracy. He saw the assortment of students he taught were ambitious people who were eloquent, driven, clever - and so funny they made him laugh out loud.

 In "Hot Dogs & Hamburgers," Shindler shares his students' pain, humiliations, frustrations and hopes. "Hot Dogs & Hamburgers" demonstrates that literacy issues reside in all neighborhoods, and its victims are committed to finding dignity and life's possibilities through learning to read.

 "As the parent of a child with special needs, I am acutely aware of how society judges those whose disabilities are not necessarily visible to others," Shindler says. "Through 'Hot Dogs & Hamburgers,' I wanted to show that by solving the problem of illiteracy, we create productive individuals that positively contribute to society."

 The book and program were introduced to incoming students and the Gannon community at the University's Convocation Ceremony at the start of the semester in August. All were invited to share in the experience of reading the book along with the students, while many faculty members incorporated and designed classes around the book.

 "Gannon READS is an innovative component of the first-year experience designed to grow and build bonds between the students and lead them to explore diversity of 'the other' on campus and in our community," said Walter Iwanenko, Ph.D., vice president of academic affairs. "We are honored and excited to welcome Rob Shindler to share in person his experience that we've read about in his book, and to have him be part of our Gannon READS program."

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