Required Seminar

  • Awardees must enroll in the Professional and Personal Enrichment Seminar every semester. These seminars have been specially created to foster a strong cooperative community amongst the scholars. The seminars meet for one hour every week during the semester.

    The series of seminars for SEECS students is built around a curriculum addressing both the professional and personal growth of the students. Each semester includes a design component, a professional development component and a personal development component. The design project enables the SEECS students to provide a solution to an engineering problem faced by a local non-profit organization. Examples of completed projects and works-in-progress are available under Publications.

    The following two tables describe the professional and personal components of the seminar.

    Professional and Personal Development




    Workshop:  You and Your Academics; Career Assessment Inventory

    Learning Styles Inventory; Strengths Finder

    Freshman / Fall

    3-Weeks of Co-Op Preparation Course; Resume Preparation

    Stress Management Training

    Freshman / Spring

    Interview of Professionals in Career Path

    Meditation Technique Training

    Sophomore / Fall

    Resume Refinement; Mock Interview; Career Fair Attendance

    Workshop:  Emotional Intelligence

    Sophomore /Spring

    Interview Preparation; Graduate School Fair Attendance; LinkedIn Profile

    Social Media Persona

    Junior / Fall

    GRE or GMAT Practice Exams; Conference Attendance; Active Participation at Career Fair

    Workshop: You and Your Peers

    Junior / Spring

    Workshop:  You and Your Job; Negotiating a Job Offer; Active Participation at Career Fair

    Exploration into Individual Attributes & Values

    Senior / Fall

    Workshop:  Job Searching; FE or Certification Preparation and Testing

    Budgeting and Financial Planning

    Senior / Spring