Barber National Institute Collaboration

  • The ECO at the Barber National Institute

    Barber Center Petting Zoo 111 school-wide musical events

    Launched in the Fall of 2013, this new collaboration between the ECO and the Barber National Institute features 11 hands-on events, concerts and activities throughout the course of the school year.


    • Music from the Silent Films Concert
    • Brass Quintet Concert
    • Percussion Concert
    • School-wide Instrumental Petting Zoo
    • Violin
    • Cello and Bass
    • Trumpet and French Horn
    • Trombone and Tuba
    • Flute and Clarinet
    • Oboe and Bassoon
    • Percussion


  • Violin Day


    Music from the Silent Films

    BarberMovie1 BarberMovie4BarberMovie3

    Trombone and Tuba Day

    TromboneDay2 TromboneDay3


    Trumpet and Horn Day

    Trumpet1 trumpet2 Trumpet3

    ECO Brass Quintet

    Quintet1 Quintet2 Quintet3

  • Low String Day

    lowstring1 lowstring2 lowstring3

  • Percussion Day

     perc1 perc2 perc3

    Upper Woodwind Day

     Barberwind1 Barberwind2 Barberwind3

  • Clarinet and Saxophone Day

     barberClarinet1 barberClarinet2


    Instrumental Petting Zoo

     BarberZoo1 BarberZoo2 BarberZoo3