Youth Concerts

  • 2014-2015 - Tall Tales and Long TailsTall1

    Completed in the fall of 2014, this innovative program featured a 50-page curriculum designed by the ECO coinciding with a 35 minute in-school concert focusing on the story of Peter and the Wolf. 




    Download the curriculum and listening guide here to learn on your own!

    Download our Map of the Orchestra

    2013-2014 - The ABCs of Symphonies

    ABCs7Presented in 2013-2014 to all children in grades K-3 from the City of Erie public schools and the Diocese of Erie - over 7,500 students!

    Led by Maestro Kraemer, members of the ECO traveled into 11 different elementary schools over the course of 4 days presenting the program "The ABCs of Symphonies." This program featured interactive word games with the students along with a musical presentation of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham.  A 3 week curriculum was also supplied to all teachers leading up to the concert event complete with detailed worksheets and a resource website with sound files and downloads. A pre- and post-test was also administered to help gauge the overall effectiveness of the program. 

    This same program was also presented to all students from the Diocese of Erie in grades K-3 in the spring of 2014. Combined, these two projects reached over 7,500 children. The ECO looks to return to both the public and Diocesan schools later in 2014 with a new innovative program.


    Read a great article about these in-school concerts here!



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