• Cathedral Prep Auditorium

    Cathedral Preparatory School
    250 West 10th Street
    Erie, PA 16501


  • First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

    250 West 7th Street
    Erie, PA 16501


  • Recitals

  • Hirt Auditorium, Blasco Library

    160 East Front Street
    Erie, PA 16507


  • First United Methodist Church

    707 SassafrasStreet
    Erie, PA 16501


  • Cathedral of St Paul Episcopal

    134 West 7th Street
    Erie, PA 16501


  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie

    7180 Perry Highway
    Erie, PA 16509

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    Only days until our Mid Day Art Break performance!

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  • Hundreds of concerts, not one ticket sold!

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