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    Alpha Psi Omega - Kappa Beta Cast

    Alpha Psi Omega is a nationally recognized honor society for students with an interest in theatre. Being a part of Alpha Psi Omega is more than just finding people who have a common interest; it is a group of people who love and support the performing and technical arts. We, the members of Alpha Psi Omega, are continuously working to discover innovative methods of performances and skill, studying and understanding classic and modern theatre, and supporting the work of our peers.

    scotland 2011Green Room APO Group photo

    For more information on how you can become involved, please contact Conor Grey, Alpha Psi Omega President 2013-2014, at grey001@knights.gannon.edu.

    2013-2014 Alpha Psi Omega Kappa Beta Cast

    President – Conor Grey
    Vice President – Cristen Manion
    Business Manager – Brianna Woods
    Historian – Khadija Djellouli
    New Member Coordinator – Matt Kridel
    Adviser – Paula Barrett

    Members: Mary Kate Carroll, Lauren Chounet, Rebecca Coleman, Abby Coppock, Erica Dougherty, Jaclyn Emery, Chad Gauthier, Matt Germeyer, Ted Hallowell, Stephen Haywiser, Keefer Kopco, Erika Krenn, Lauren Loop, Rob Lopez, Emma Mancini, Alexandra Mihai, Jade Mitchell, Todd Paropacic, Natalie Pertz, Luis Pontillo, Katelyn Przybyszewski, Bryan Rhines, Kayla Scully, Sarah Sgro, Mary Stephens, Carl Stofko, Zak Westfall, Tinna Zappa

    Alpha Psi Omega uses all aspects of performance and technical theatre this year to create the one night only special event of the 24 HOUR SHOW.

     24 hour show Conor tech  24 hour show Luis guitar    24 hour show Ted24 hour show cast and crew



    Alpha Psi Omega uses performance and design to create a haunted house experience in the Schuster Theatre each year.  Here are photos from behind the scenes at STAGE FRIGHT 2013.

    Stage Fright 1   Stage Fright 2  Stage Fright 3  Stage Fright 4  Stage Fright cast and crew


    Alpha Psi Omega uses art to reach out to the communities and schools around Erie.  Photos from Alpha Psi Omega creating sidewalk art to welcome back students at Wayne Middle School for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Photos courtesy of Zak Westfall.


     APO 2013 Chalk Art at Wayne Middle School 1  APO 2013 Chalk Art at Wayne Middle School 2  

    APO 2013 Chalk Art at Wayne Middle School 3    APO 2013 Chalk Art at Wayne Middle School 5

    APO 2013 Chalk Art at Wayne Middle School 4  APO 2013 Chalk Art at Wayne Middle School Group Photo    


    Photos from Alpha Psi Omega's production of Once Upon a Forest in conjunction with the Erie Playhouse.  Produced and directed by members of Alpha Psi Omega.

     forrest6 forrest4 forrest5 forrest3

    Alpha Psi Omega members actively support and volunteer at the MLK Center.    APO members tutor students, as well as conduct acting and improv classes and exercises.

     MLK 1 MLK 2

     MLK 3 MLK 4

    Alpha Psi Omega is actively involved in the Downtown Erie community.  Photos from "Take Back the Night" in Perry's Square.

     Take back the night 2 Take back the night

    Alpha Psi Omega is a group of theatre students who love theatre and love to have fun!

     Youtube tribute khadija with a frog