Apply to Gannon

  • How do I apply for undergraduate studies?

    Step 1: Submit your Admissions Application

    Submit your Admissions Application using one of the following methods:

    Step 2: Submit Financial Aid Early Version Award Application

    Regardless of which of the above methods you use, print and submit a hard copy of the Financial Aid Early Version Award Application. It can be sent separate from your Admissions Application. 

    Step 3: Request your High School Transcripts

    Print a hard copy of the Student Transcript Request. Use this form to request your high school transcripts.

    Step 4: Submit Application Fee

    Gannon’s online application is free of charge. If you choose to print and submit a paper application, there is a $25 application fee. The application fee may be waive by an alumnus, coach or guidance counselor by using the "Fee Form".

    Step 5: Submit a Personal Statement

    A Personal Statement assists the Admissions Committee in evaluating your eligibility for Admission beyond test scores and high school record. Submitting a statement is optional, yet recommended; and is required for LECOM 4+4 Medical Program applicants. Applicants applying on-line should submit their statement to the Admissions Office via regular mail.

    Personal Statements should be a typed, one-page response to one of the following topics: 1. How have you applied a classroom lesson to your daily life? or 2. Ask and answer one question that you wish we had asked.

    Step 6: Transfer Applicant Evaluation

    If transferring, you'll need to print and submit a hard copy of  the transfer applicant evaluationform for every school you attended.

  • What do I need to apply?

    So, you’re interested in Gannon? Great! Here’s what you will need to apply as an incoming freshman:

    • Graduation from an approved secondary schools or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).
    • Academic courses, grades, rank in class, and guidance counselor recommendation to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. High school seniors are also required to submit SAT or ACT scores. The minimum GPA and test scores required vary based on the academic program you are applying to. We will advise you if you do not meet the minimum requirements.
    • Personal Statement/Essay (optional, yet recommended; required for LECOM Medical/Dental/Pharmacy Program applicants). A personal statement assists us in evaluating your eligibility for admission beyond test scores and high school record. Submit a one-page response to either one of the following: 1) How have you applied a classroom lesson to your daily life? or 2) Ask and answer one question that you wish we had asked you.
    • Completion of 16 academic units at the high school level, four of which must be English. Depending on the academic program you are interested in, the remainder of the units must be comprised of a combination of social sciences, foreign language, mathematics, and science.
    • Students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability and who are interested in Gannon's PSLD Program will also need:
      • Personal letters of recommendations from teachers, counselors or school administrators
      • WAIS/WISC scores and subscores. Abbreviated WISC/WAIS scores are not accepted. [Not necessary if primary diagnosis is ADHD.]
      • Records from any professional with whom the student has worked, such as Psychologist, Physician, Reading Specialist or Math Specialist

    Some important deadlines

    Applications for undergraduate programs are processed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Applicants will typically be notified of an admissions decision within 3-4 weeks once their application and transcripts have been received.

    The following undergraduate program has a November 1st application deadline:

    • Physician Assistant

    It is recommended that high school students apply early in their senior year.

    Advanced Placement Exams

    Gannon University awards college credit for some Advanced Placement (AP) Exams.

    • Official AP scores should be submitted directly to the Office of the Registrar at Gannon University. The Registrar will post college credits after the start of the student's first semester. 
    • Generally, credit will be given to those students who complete the formal College Board Advanced Placement Courses with a grade of 3 or higher on the exam. Some exams require a grade of 4 or 5. Grades of 1 and 2 will be given neither credit nor placement.
    • For questions about AP credit practices, contact the Office of Admissions at 814-871-7240 or the Office of the Registrar at 814-871-7611.