Archbishop Gannon Scholars Program

  • According to The Story of Gannon, 1985, Archbishop Gannon "who had been himself a poor local boy, but one who never forgot the lack of education and cultural advantages that beset him," founded Cathedral College which became Gannon University because he was "convinced that something had to be done for the education of the poor boys in Erie." 

    Following in this tradition, the Archbishop Gannon Scholars Program would target the poorest students in the Erie Public Schools that have academic credentials to be admitted to Gannon University without a requirement for remedial academic coursework. The objective of this program is to provide added support for students with a zero Expected Family Contribution as a result of the Federal Needs Analysis calculations. According to the government formula, these students and their families would not have the income or financial resources to contribute toward tuition for their college education. It also means that they would be eligible for a Full Federal Pell Grant and a Full PHEAA Grant. Under this Program the Archbishop Gannon Scholars Award, federal and state grant funds are all the student would need to cover their tuition cost each academic year at Gannon University, encouraging commuter students to complete their degree without loan debt.

    Program Requirements

    • GPA 3.00
    • SAT 850 /ACT 18
    • Full Pell Grant (Expected Family Contribution = 0)
    • Full PHEAA Grant 
    • Must complete the FAFSA by May 1 the year before they Enroll at Gannon University


    $27,000 Gannon Full Tuition
    -$5,645 Federal Full Pell Grant
    -$4,362 Full PHEAA (PA State Grant)
    -$16,993 Archbishop Gannon Scholars Award *
    $0 Student Tuition Bill**

    * Replaces all other Gannon University Aid 

     ** Students’ books and fees are not covered within this program

    Note: Gannon University reserves the right to discontinue or alter the Archbishop Gannon Scholars Program


    1. Must be a resident of the city of Erie.
    2. Must be a First Time In Any College (FTIAC), that enrolls at Gannon University directly out of high school, after graduating from an Erie City School that same year.
    3. Students must file the FAFSA by May 1 each year
    4. The ABGS Award supersedes all other Awards of lesser value.  In other words there is no stacking of other Scholarship/Award Programs.
    5. There will be 100% verification of FAFSA's.
    6. Students must be enrolled full time.  Funds are not available for summer courses.
    7. Unsubsidized Federal Loans and PLUS loans will only be processed for students who live on campus. (Students will be eligible for subsidized loans only).
    8. Students from Prep, Villa, and MP, who live in the Erie School district and who meet all other program requirements, will be eligible for the ABGS Award. 
    9. The ABGS Award is renewable based on successful completion of full time credit requirements and a minimum 2.5 GPA.  It can be awarded for a total of four years.
    10. To renew the ABGS Award, students must maintain a zero EFC.  It they do not and they are still Pell Grant eligible, the amount of the EFC will be subtracted from their Award.  If they are no longer eligible for a Pell Grant, they will no longer be eligible for the ABGS Award and will be re-packaged accordingly