Employment Outlook

  • Career Paths

    A degree in Education from Gannon University lays the foundation for a number of future career paths. With Pennsylvania teaching certification, our graduates are qualified to serve as classroom teachers in Pennsylvania public schools, as well as a wide variety of private and parochial schools across the nation and around the world. Because Pennsylvania has reciprocity agreements with 45 other states, the opportunities to teach in public schools across the country is great. Gannon graduates are currently or recently employed in schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Washington, D.C., Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Kansas, Hawaii, and Washington.

    In addition to classroom teaching, Education graduates are able to pursue advanced degrees and career opportunities in a variety of education-related fields such as curriculum and instruction, school administration, school counseling, school psychology, instructional design, instructional technology, educational psychology, and others.

    Salary Expectations and Employment Growth

    Position openings and salaries for beginning teachers in public schools are highly variable depending on the specific state and school district. According to data from the National Education Association (2009-2010), the average starting salary in Pennsylvania is $35,976, and the average salary is $58,124. The NEA website has similar data for other states, as well as job market and certification information. Visit the website at http://www.nea.org and click on the link for state affiliates.

    Placement Rates

    According to our most recent data, 96% of Gannon’s 2009-10 graduates in Education are employed in their major or pursuing advanced degrees.