Housing Costs

  • Housing Cost (Per Semester)

    Please note that these costs are based on the 2014-15 Academic Year

     Housing Type  Cost
    Finegan Hall Double: $2,780
    Wehrle Hall Double $2,670
    North Hall Single $4,215 Double $3,955
    Alpha Sigma Tau House $2,500
    Catholic House Single $3,725 Double $3,160
    Delta Kappa Epsilon House $2,500
    Delta Sigma Pi House $2,500
    Freeman Hall $3,160
    Harborview Apartments Single $4,010 Double $3,465
    Kenilworth Apartments $3,725
    Lubiak Apartments $3,160
    Phi Sigma Sigma House $2,500
    Walker Hall Single $3,725
    Wickford Apartments Single $3,725
    202, 204, 210 West 8th Street $3,725
    301 West 5th Street $3,725
    West Hall $2,725
    632 Sassafras Street Single $3,725 Double $3,160

    Housing Deposit

    The Housing Deposit of $100 less any damages is refunded at the end of the lease period. The credit will be applied to any outstanding balance before being refunded.

    GU Connect Fee

    The GU Connect Fee of $165 is a recurring charge for all students that live on campus.