Student Success Center

  • Student Success Center
  • The Student Success Center  (SSC) provides support services, including academic advising, career counseling, tutoring, programming, and resources for students at Gannon University. The SSC staff uses a proactive, developmental advising model which promotes student success by assisting students in identifying and removing obstacles to learning. The SSC serves as the primary resource for academic support and referral, and is committed to assisting students with resolving academic concerns, meeting educational and career goals, and connecting to campus resources. Our offices work together to help students thrive within the University community.

    Academic Advising Center

    The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is committed to the holistic development and growth of each student who comes to the AAC. The AAC utilizes a student-centered approach to supporting students when providing academic assistance. Upon entering Gannon University, all students are assigned an academic adviser who serves as the personal link to the student’s Academic Department.

    Disability Support Services

    The Office of Disability and Support Services assists eligible students in receiving basic services free-of-charge as determined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disability Act. Every effort is made to arrange appropriate accommodations based on a student’s disability.

    Application for Disability Accommodations

    STEM Center

    The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Center provides one-on-one and group tutoring opportunities for STEM and STEM-related courses at the University.  The STEM Center also provides more intensive support to traditionally difficult courses through the STEM-PASS (Peer Assisted Study Scheme) initiative, which includes tutor attendance and participation in the target classes and facilitation of several extra help sessions each week.  Additionally, the STEM Center seeks input and involvement from faculty and other campus stakeholders in order to evolve and create services that assist students in their efforts to meet course and program learning outcomes.  Students also have the opportunity to experience appointments online instead of in-person.

    Speech Communication Center

    The Speech Communication Center in cooperation with the Center for Communication and the Arts provides assistance in development for both written outlines and verbal presentations. During the consultation sessions, students may receive guidance in areas including selecting an appropriate topic, developing an introduction, formulating a thesis, organizing researched support, preparing a conclusion, improving confidence in delivery, practicing with use of visual aids and reducing speech anxiety.

    Student Support Services TRIO

    The Student Support Services (SSS) Program is a federally funded program designed to assist, support, and advise eligible students to successfully navigate the college experience and to increase retention and graduation rates of its participants.  To be eligible for the program, a student must be officially enrolled at Gannon University, be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and must meet federal income eligibility guidelines, be a first generation college student, or have a documented disability.

    Each student involved with the program is assigned a TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) advisor. Students will meet with their SSS advisor on a regular basis to address academic, financial, career or personal concerns. Together, they will develop an Individual Student Success Plan that will provide the student with the resources he/she will need to be a successful student at Gannon University.

    Tutoring Services

    Gannon provides one-on-one, small group, and/or other tutorial support for most undergraduate courses via the STEM Center, Writing & Research Center, and Speech Communication Center.  Tutors and consultants support traditional freshman-level courses throughout the curriculum, in addition to upper-level, major-specific classes.  Assistance for graduate-level coursework is processed upon student request for tutors.

    Writing & Research Center

    The Writing & Research Center (WRC) team has a strong commitment to service and regards language as fundamental to the holistic development of the student. The WRC is staffed by trained peer consultants from a variety of majors; and we staff both native and international graduate English majors.  Additionally, the center houses a reference librarian to assist students with scholarly research. The WRC offers in-house and online one-on-one consultations for students of all abilities, including speakers of other languages. Undergraduate and Graduate students should visit the Writing & Research Center at any stage of the writing process, from any discipline.