Organizational Learning and Leadership

  • Program Overview

    The Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Learning and Leadership degree was founded on an interdisciplinary model that integrates two major areas of theory and practice: learning and leadership. Program participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in complex learning organizations. The program is designed to prepare practitioners to better analyze data, conduct research, solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of their organizations. 
    The Ph.D. is an academically rigorous program designed for the working professional. Courses are scheduled to accommodate individuals full-time work related responsibilities. This program utilizes an in-class seminar format with students drawn from diverse professional backgrounds. The program strives to balance a common didactic learning experience with the research component of a traditional doctoral degree program while acknowledging and accommodating prior academic work of the participants. 
    As a result of the variety of backgrounds in the applicant pool, the program provides the flexibility for students to fulfill the cognate and major area of study coursework in accordance with their individual educational, professional and research needs. This model balances the benefits of an interdisciplinary cohort model with the flexibility necessary for individual student matriculation and administrative efficiency in program delivery. Individuals who complete the program will gain enhanced qualifications for positions in organizational settings.

    What Makes Us Different

    • The characteristics of a learning organization, i.e., collegiality, teamwork, and development and sharing of knowledge, set the foundation for this interdisciplinary program.  This program features a unique approach at three levels:
      • Curricular – integration of coursework reflective of numerous disciplines
      • Instructional – faculty are drawn from Social Sciences, Business, Education and Health Sciences
      • Participant – Students will contribute their own diverse content and professional expertise
    • The Ph.D. is designed for the working professional with evening and Saturday morning classes.