Program Facts

  • GU Nutrition and Human Performance Facts

    • Nutrition and human performance is a major within the sport and exercise science department. This major gives an opportunity for students who are interested in both nutrition and sport science to combine their interest in one academic program which is a stepping stone to diverse career choices.
    • A degree from the sport and exercise science department provides a solid base in biological sciences (anatomy and physiology, biology and chemistry), nutrition and exercise science courses which prepares students for post-graduate training in exercise physiology, sport nutrition, athletic training, health and wellness program administration, medicine, dentistry and other associated programs.
    • The sport and exercise science facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology available for research and academic studies.

    Major Facts

    • Some conservative estimates have said 75 percent of our nation’s population will be classified as overweight or obese by 2015. With this growing epidemic and subsequent decline in the health of our society, the need exists for practitioners who are experts in the development, implementation and maintenance of exercise programs as well as the analysis, adjustment and preservation of healthy eating habits.
    • The services of professionals who have solid preparation in nutrition and exercise are expected to be in great demand as our country continues to prevent and treat obesity and its related health problems. Our country’s efforts are evident in various ongoing campaigns promoting physical activity, healthful diet and other lifestyle factors.

    About the Program

    • Gannon’s nutrition and human performance students have the opportunity to gain professional experience and put their knowledge and skills to use through a clinical practicum during their senior year. Nutrition and human performance majors gain advanced, applied experience in both nutrition and exercise physiology.
    • The program prepares students for possible certification by national governing bodies such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Sports Education Program and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, among others.