Leadership Studies

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    The Leadership Studies program offers an undergraduate minor (18 credit hours). A minor in Leadership Studies prepares students to pursue versatile careers that make an impact within a broad range of corporate, non-profit, and community organizational settings.

    Leadership Studies is a social science discipline governed by the International Leadership Association (ILA). Leadership has been identified as one of the most pressing challenges facing organizations, communities and social institutions in the 21st century. Gannon's leadership studies program addresses this challenge by fostering holistic leadership development in a multidisciplinary context. The program is designed in accordance with guidelines established by the ILA, and prepares graduates for contributing to society by assuming leadership roles in their organizations, professions and communities.

    The holistic leadership focus fosters understanding of the multidimensional nature of leadership. Elements of analytical, conceptual, emotional and spiritual practice are considered with respect for their implications for individual, group and organizational dynamics. Individuals who aspire to positions of leadership achieve strategic advantage by mastering the fundamental of leadership theory and practice provided by an integrated core curriculum. Comprehensive understanding and mastery of the full range of leadership practice is achieved by incorporating multiple disciplinary perspectives governing the emergence of effective leaders. Student gain exposure to insights respecting the behavioral, social, cultural, organizational and global dynamics that inform leadership practice, and may choose to explore these dynamics within a variety of corporate, non-profit, political, social service, national or international contexts.



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    • Leadership Studies Minor

    Liberal Studies Core

    The Liberal Studies Core Curriculum is one reflection of Gannon University's commitment to its Catholic identity. The Core's design offers students a defined, integrated, shared experience as the foundation for their undergraduate program.