Foreign Language

  • GU Possibilities
    • Foreign language students have participated in study abroad opportunities in Chile, Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Panama and Spain.
    • Graduates are working for the United States Departments of Education and State, Alfred University, Avila University, for international businesses in the U.S. and abroad and as teachers of English abroad. They have also found positions in various nonprofit and international non-governmental organizations.
    • Graduates have continued their academic careers at the University of Arizona, NYU, University of Cincinnati, University of Pittsburgh and Kent State University, among others.

    You Will Learn

    The foreign language program is designed for students to develop an insider’s view of another culture while they develop a new way of looking at their own culture and language. They recognize that learning a language is not an isolated activity but very much interrelated with other fields of study. Knowledge of a foreign language complements practically every major and opens doors to a great variety of jobs. Students fluent in foreign languages possess a distinctive skill that distinguishes them from other candidates in the job market.

    Foreign language students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of numerous study abroad opportunities. They may select a summer, a semester or a full-academic-year program abroad. Study abroad opportunities benefit students not only professionally but also personally. They offer students the possibility to experience and embrace cultural diversity and perceive the world around them in a new light.

    You Will Experience

    Students have the opportunity to enroll in the United Nations Practicum course offered by the Department of Political Science, participate in the Gannon University Model U.N. Club and take part in the yearly Model U.N. conference.

    Students in the Gannon Foreign Language program enjoy great flexibility in their curriculum and can combine a major in foreign language with another major of their choice, be it in humanities, social sciences, or business. They also have the opportunity to study language alone. Moreover, they can combine their language study with one or two minors in other disciplines. 

    A degree in a foreign language can lead them into a meaningful career in academia or translation and interpretation services (translation is one of the fastest growing professions). If a career in banking, international business, or market research interests students, combining a foreign language with business will give them an added advantage over traditional business degree students. If they wish to pursue a career in civil service, customs, or foreign service, to name just a few, they can combine courses in Political Science, Public Service, and/or History with a concentration in language.

    Internship possibilities include:

    • Erie’s Multicultural Community Resource Center
    • Logistics Plus
    • The Washington Center

    You Will Achieve

    Graduates of the foreign language program can find jobs in a variety of fields. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • academia  
    • banking  
    • customer service  
    • foreign service  
    • immigration services  
    • international business  
    • (import/export)  
    • local, state, federal government  
    • management  
    • market research  
    • marketing  
    • media and advertising  
    • public relations  
    • publishing  
    • social services  
    • tourism and travel services  
    • translation/interpretation services  

    You will Study

    The foreign language program offers courses in various languages including French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Latin, with majors available in Spanish. Foreign language majors take various core and elective courses such as:

    SPAN 395 El Cine Latinoamericano

    This course is an exciting exploration, via film, of the four major topics of the Spanish speaking world: Memoria y olvido, inmigración y exilio, identidades marginalizadas, and el mundo hispano en la globalización. Students examine key historical events and time periods and their relevance to the topics presented by the films. They also recap some of the major cultural movements and trends that shaped the Hispanic world.

    GLOBL 283 France and the Francophone World

    This course provides an overview of the contemporary cultural, political, and social climate of France and the Francophone world. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the course explores topics such as the media, the role of women in these cultures, religious, ethnic and racial diversity. Students are directed to explore issues such as class, gender and social status as well as local traditions versus global modernity.

    SPAN 396-397 Study Abroad

    Through this course, students can receive credit awarded for participation in classes and activities taught in Spanish and arranged abroad by the University, either for a semester or in the summer. 


    Liberal Studies Core

    The Liberal Studies Core Curriculum is one reflection of Gannon University's commitment to its Catholic identity. The Core's design offers students a defined, integrated, shared experience as the foundation for their undergraduate program.

    You Will Earn

    Salaries in the field vary depending on the location and type of organization. 


    • translator:  $23,567-$76,316
    • interpreter: $23,930 - $77,675
    • program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization:  $28,910 - $54,249 (median $40,000) 
    • financial analyst: $42,431 - $82,569 (median $58,233)
    • import/export analyst: $33,288 - $77,560 (median $54,016)
    • high school teacher: $33,226 - $73,538 (median $47,687)


    All salary information is compiled from data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( and/or PayScale (