Environmental Engineering

  • Business, Computer Science, and Engineering among Highest-Paid Majors

    The survey is based on data collected by the National Association of Colleges and Employers from 400,000 employers, gathered from government and private sources. Read more about the highest-paid degrees on The Wall Street Journal.

  • Program Overview

    The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering program is a demanding curriculum which combines mathematics, the basic sciences, and engineering principles. Students in the program develop strong analytical skills and a broad understanding of environmental problems. Environmental engineers are qualified to fill jobs designated for environmental scientists, and are also eligible for professional positions not open to those trained as scientists. Engineers often command higher salaries than non-engineers. Graduates will find careers in the public and private sectors: with government agencies, environmental consulting firms, and with private industry.

    The Environmental Engineering program at Gannon offers small classes and individual attention from the faculty. Each environmental engineering student will work with a faculty mentor on a senior design project to bring together the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering design to solve an environmental problem.

    Program Options

    • Bachelor of Science
    • Earth Science Minor

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