• Program Overview

    The accounting major is as much concerned with the personal development of the individual as a member of today's society as with his/her technical competence. The major places emphasis on the concept that the business decision making process is not just a mere application of accounting theory and techniques but rather is a blending of this technical ability with sound ethical principles.

    The faculty is student oriented. Faculty members are readily available and eager for student contact both within and outside the classroom. The faculty is interested in the students as individuals and is vitally concerned with their development. The aim of the major is to develop a sound basic understanding of accounting theory and practice, as well as the ethical principles necessary to prepare students for professional careers in public accounting, business, or government. The accounting major prides itself on bringing practical knowledge into the classroom based on personal professional experience. 

    Program Options

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Duquesne School of Law, 3 + 3 Early Admissions Program
    • Bachelor of Science for Graduates of Two Year Colleges
    • Five Year MBA
    • Associate of Science
    • Accounting Minor

    Liberal Studies Core

    The Liberal Studies Core Curriculum is one reflection of Gannon University's commitment to its Catholic identity. The Core's design offers students a defined, integrated, shared experience as the foundation for their undergraduate program.