Which type of entrepreneur are you?

At Gannon, we have entrepreneurs of all types, learning how to turn their passion into reality.

  • Create a business around your own idea
  • Start a non-profit to help others
  • Take a family-owned business to the next level
  • Create a unique, corporate career path by becoming an agent of change

What will you do with your entrepreneurship skills from Gannon University?

Begin your entrepreneurial journey, learn how to recognize opportunities and build the skills to turn possibilities in success.

  • Start your own business
  • Be your own boss
  • Make a difference
  • Change the world

Where will your journey as an entrepreneur begin?

Pursue your passion while majoring in entrepreneurship, and study in Gannonís new Center for Business Ingenuity where you will gain real-world experience working alongside professionals in the Small Business Development Center and the Erie Technology Incubator.

Why do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Gannon can help you pursue your entrepreneurial passion, build the next game-changing company or make the impossible possible.

  • Help people in your community
  • Become financially independent
  • Be free to make your own decisions
  • Continue a family legacy