1st Period Play-by-Play

  Cedarville vs. Gannon University
  Date: Oct 29, 2013 • Site: Erie, Pa.

1st Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [45:00].
 Corner kick by CEDMSO13 Twinem, Joel [44:54].
[44:36]  Shot by CEDMSO13 Scott, Connor, SAVE TEAM.
[40:23]  Shot by CEDMSO13 Twinem, Joel HIGH.
[39:53]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Morris, Stephen for Waller, Timmy.
[38:18]  Shot by CEDMSO13 Newman, Jared BLOCKED.
 Corner kick by CEDMSO13 Twinem, Joel [37:40].
[37:14]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Scott, Connor for Alexander, Christian.
 Corner kick by CEDMSO13 Twinem, Joel [35:14].
[34:58]  Shot by CEDMSO13 Gatlin, Zack, SAVE Jason Barbarino.
[33:28]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Twinem, Joel for King, Dillon.
[33:28]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Newman, Jared for Earl, Jon.
 Foul on Gannon University.
[30:33]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Anderson, Chris for Gilmour, Connor.
 Foul on Gannon University.
[27:19]  Offside against Cedarville.
[24:53]  Offside against Cedarville.
[21:27]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Earl, Jon for Harris, Zach.
[21:27]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Alexander, Christian for Hoppe, Jeremy.
[21:27]  CEDMSO13 substitution: Rigby, Daniel for McKinley, Todd.
[19:52]  Offside against Cedarville.
[15:10]  GAN substitution: Kevin Gjyrezi for Ryan Mershimer.
[12:17]  Offside against Cedarville.
 Corner kick by CEDMSO13 Harris, Zach [11:56].
 Save on point blank shot from near left
[11:39]  Shot by CEDMSO13 Waller, Timmy, SAVE Jason Barbarino.
 Foul on Gannon University.
[07:24]  Shot by CEDMSO13 Shula, Ethan BLOCKED.
 Nice save by GK with right hand on shot from sharp angle left
[06:31]  Shot by GAN Robbie Bennett, SAVE Dewhurst, Ethan.
 Corner kick by CEDMSO13 Harris, Zach [01:19].
[00:00]  Jason Barbarino at goalie for Gannon University.
[00:00]  Dewhurst, Ethan at goalie for Cedarville.