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    Fringe Fest Erie 2015 Shows Selected

    Fringe Fest Logo - Design by Keefer Kopco
    We are happy to announce the Fringe Fest Erie 2015 productions that have been selected!!!

    "Actors" by Conrad Bromberg.  Directed by Audrey Stadler

    "A Little Nonsense"  by Juncture Theatre.  Directed by Lauren Loop and Paula Barrett.

    The return of "The GU Talent Show".  Production Managed by Brianna Woods.

    "Like Father, Like Son" Written and directed by Roman Denisyuk.

    "Mainstream"  by Conor Grey.  Directed by Leah Johnson.

    "Bedtime Stories" by Laugh/Riot.  Directed by Rob Connick.

    "Sketch Comedy" An original sketch comedy show written, directed, and performed by students.  Concept by Mike Fujito.

    "Oedipus Tex"  by Bach/Schickele.  Directed by Tom Barton and featuring members of Gannon University's Mixed Chorus.

    In addition, we have numerous associated productions in the works, including shows by Dramashop, the Erie Playhouse, All An Act Theatre Productions, Laugh/Riot, and more!  

    Fringe Fest Erie 2015 runs from Feb 1-24.  Please check back soon for further details on dates, times, and locations of all Fringe productions. 

    Coming Soon:  

    Striking 12 Banner

    Fr. Shawn Clerkin is happy to announce the cast for our Fall 2014 musical, STRIKING 12! 

    From Fr. Shawn, "Thank you – I always appreciate the vulnerability expressed in the audition/call-back process. You are ALL very talented."

    Congratulations to the Cast!

    Wilfried Atonfack – Company, Jonny, Post-Nasal Drip Guy, Grandma
    Cassie Bielecki – Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Seller
    Myriah Burns – Company, Diane, Hogart Caroler
    Michael Joseph Haas – Narrator 1/Master of Ceremonies
    Megan Hamm – Company, Passerby, TV Announcer
    Zachary Hyman – Happy Foley (Live Sound Effects)
    Matthew Jones – Company, Craig, Hogart Caroler
    Alizabeth Leng – Company, Mrs. Palamino, Hogart Caroler
    Lauren Loop – Company, Lydia, TV News Announcer
    Chase Miles – Company, Jack/Pary Host
    Kayla Scully – Company, Erica, Space Invading Girl
    Zak Westfall – Man Who’s Had Enough
    Brianna Woods – Little Match Girl

    Rehearsals begin Oct 20th. Performances will be Dec 4-13th. 

    Fall Break 2014:  

    American Shakespeare Center's 

    Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA

     Dr. Doug King (Professor in the English Department), Rev. Shawn Clerkin (Director of Theatre), and Jax Kubiak (Technical Director of the Schuster Theatre) took 10 students to Staunton, VA over Fall Break to experience workshops, lectures, and attend 4 performances at the American Shakespeare Center's Blackfriars Playhouse.  Students attended 2 lectures, 3 workshops, and saw performances of The Comedy of ErrorsPericles Prince of Tyre, MacBeth, and Edward II.  Students also had time to explore and experience the culture of lovely Staunton, VA, including a morning hike led by Dr. King.  Some pictures of the experience are below.  All photos are courtesy of Zak Westfall, Theatre and Communications Arts major.


    Staunton 2014 Blackfriars Playhouse  

    A look at the Blackfriars Playhouse.

    Staunton 2014 Group at ASC

    The Fall Break 2014 group on the stage of the Blackfriars Playhouse.

    Staunton 2014 Hiking  Staunton 2014 Hiking 2

    Hiking with Dr. King in Staunton VA.

    Staunton 2014 Group with ASC cast members

    Some of the group met ASC cast members Gregory Phelps and Sara Hymes.  Thank you Gregory and Sara for taking a photo with our group.



     Joe Orton's "Loot" performed at the Schuster theatre from October 2-12.  To view archive photos of this production, please visit our Facebook page at    

    Please visit to read more about this wonderful production.



    Gannon University's Schuster Theatre returns from participating in the 2014 International Collegiate Theatre Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland!

    10 Gannon University students and 3 faculty recently returned from a 12 day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland to participate and perform in the International Collegiate Theatre Festival, which runs concurrently and in coordination with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland's capital city.  As participants in the 2014 ICTF, Gannon students performed Stephen Williams' "Whimsical Grimm" at Surgeons Hall on four different occasions.  You can read the review of the production on Broadway Baby by clicking here.   

    ICTF 2014 Cast and Crew The cast and crew of Whimsical Grimm.  From L to R - Todd Paropacic, Abby Coppock, Zak Westfall, Cristen Manion, Brianna Woods, Khadija Djellouli, Luis Pontillo, Mary Stephens, Ethan Kelley, and Mike Fujito.  

     ICTF 2014 College Fair  Gannon University was well represented at the College Recruitment Fair held for the American High School Theatre Festival.  High school students had the opportunity to speak with Fr. Shawn Clerkin, Director of Theatre, as well as with current students Khadija Djellouli and Abby Coppock.  
    Many thanks to everyone who helped us raise funds and donated to help our students attend and participate in this international experience! 

    Video clips courtesy of Fr. Shawn Clerkin, Director of Theatre and Jax Kubiak, Technical Director, will be posted soon.  

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