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    New for 2014-2015

    During our 2014-2015 season, four weeks have been designated as "Festival" weeks, consisting of a Monday evening recital, a Friday evening concert and a multitude of other special events. Stay tuned for additional details!




    Opening Night Festival

    September 15th - 7:30pm 
    Luther Memorial Church 
    225 West 10th Street - Erie, PA

    September 19th - 7:30pm 
    Cathedral Prep Auditorium 
    250 West 10th Street - Erie, PA

    Our Monday evening recital, the inaugural event in the Joe Luckey Recital Series, features the violin talents of newly appointed Concertmaster Maureen Conlon Gutierrez.  Our Friday evening concert showcases the preeminent violist in the world, Roberto Diaz, along with works from Ravel, Milhaud and Sierra.




    Week in Film

    October 13th - 7:30pm 
    McGarvey Commons
    Reed Union Building, Penn State Behrend
    4701 College Drive - Erie, PA

    October 17th - 7:30pm 
    Cathedral Prep Auditorium 
    250 West 10th Street - Erie, PA

    The ECO's in-house silent move ensemble, the Sounds of the Silents, returns for this Monday evening recital in conjunction with the release of our first professionally recorded album. Friday evening, treat yourself to Chaplin's masterpiece, City Lights.




    A Composer's Tale

    February 15th - 4:00pm 
    Cathedral of St. Paul 
    134 West 7th Street - Erie, PA

    February 20th - 7:30pm 
    Cathedral Prep Auditorium 
    250 West 10th Street - Erie, PA

    Join the ECO for two different looks at composers and the stories that they tell. Monday evening's recital explores Stravinsky's classic L'Histoire du soldat while Friday evening's performance features a behind the scenes multimedia presentation on Beethoven's Third Symphony.




    A Beautiful Mind

    April 13th - 7:30pm 
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie 
    7180 Perry Highway - Erie, PA

    April 17th - 7:30pm 
    First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant 
    250 West 7th Street - Erie, PA

    Our final festival of the 2014-2015 season features two events designed to let the audience take a step into the haunted mind of some of our most beloved composers. Presented in conjunction with the Barber National Institute and Autism Awareness Month, these two events will offer a unique opportunity to experience music in a whole new light!  Monday evening, enjoy a piano/lecture recital featuring guest soloist, and neuroscience enthusiast, Dr. Martha Summa Chadwick.  Friday evening, the Slippery Rock University Concert Choir returns alongside Dr. Summa showcasing the works of composers with mental afflictions; Wolf, Beethoven and Schumann.

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