Study Abroad

  • Join the Department and See the World!   The pictures are of some of

    the study-abroad trips led by our faculty members.



    Jerusalem Dome of the Rock; Lauren at Giza -  Group at Khirbat Iskandar Dig in Jordan, International

    Service Jordan-the Latin Patriarchate School

    School /uploadedImages/Website_Assets/History_and_Archaeology_Department/History/SDC11783.JPG   Rev 2010 Gannon KI photo Latin Patriarchate School, Madaba Jordan 


    STUDENT TRIPS TO MEXICO and CENTRAL AMERICA:  Trip to Belize. Digging in
    Belize, Visiting Tikal, Guatemala, climbing temples in Yucatan, Mexico


    Belize Trip    Digging in Belize        Visiting Tikal, Guatemala    Yucatan, Mexico with students 

    STUDENT STUDY-ABROAD TRIPS TO EUROPE: Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, Communist

    Museum, Prague, London Nelson Mandela Statue, students outside Copenhagen,

    Berlin - Brandenberg Gate   Prague-the Museum of Communism   London - Nelson Mandela Statue    Copenhagen 



    STUDENT HISTORY DEPARTMENT TRIPS: Philadelphia MLK Celebration, Lincoln

    Memorial, DC, FDR Library

    MLK Celebration Philadelphia    Lincoln Memorial, DC    FDR Library