Living on Campus

  • Why Live on Campus?

    You will be so much closer to all aspects of the college experience. Classes. Library. Dining. Transportation. Athletic and recreation facilities. Numerous campus events and activities.

    It is much easier to establish lifelong friendships. Work in study groups or finish that project in the lab. Have all of the campus resources readily at your disposal. No more driving to class and looking for parking. Easier to set up appointments with faculty/staff. More opportunities to become involved in a club or activity. Cable, internet access, utilities, and maintenance are included.

    Gannon provides a comfortable environment gauged towards the academic and holistic development of each student. There are numerous lounges for either quiet study or socialization.

    Who needs to live on campus?

    The University housing regulations mandate that all students studying in their first through fourth semesters whose parents/guardians primary residence is outside the 25-mile radius of the University must reside in University housing. Freshmen are assigned to live in either a traditional two-person room style in Finegan Hall or Wehrle Hall, or various sized suite style of North Hall. When a student reaches their third semester of study they can move into a wide variety of University owned apartment buildings. The University also owns and operates three sorority houses as well as one fraternity house.

    Residence Programs

    The University provides a variety of programming for each building in addition to the programming provided by other University constituents. These programs are designed to meet the student needs for the specific building culture and are based on the LIFECORE model, which includes social, political, physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and life-planning areas.