• It is important to us that we continue to expand our partnerships within our community. If you are wondering how we might support you, your students, and/or your advisees, we hope to hear from you. 

     Please consider the following:

    • We have an electronic portal that contains internships, jobs, other professional opportunities, advice, sample documents and more. Instead of having to rely solely on emails to promote opportunities, we can leverage this central hub as a place for everything professional. If you are interested in learning more about this resource, please connect with our team so we can answer your questions and/or offer a demonstration. COMING SOON! By late Summer '19, we will feature a new portal for job seekers!
    • Classroom or group outreach. Our advising team always appreciates requests to visit the classroom or group meetings and present on topics ranging from resume and cover letter writing to interviewing techniques. There are so many topics we can consider presenting, so it is important that we consult with you to see what you would like to cover. We can make sure that you don't have to cancel a class if you know you will be out a couple of weeks in advance, as we can substitute with pertinent information to share with your students. You are welcome to connect with our director, Brian Collingwood, and we can explore possible sessions and/or ideas together (collingw001@gannon.edu).
    • We advise students of all class levels and academic disciplines. If you are looking for someone to assist your student/advisee regarding their pursuit of a major, how a major selection may affect a career track, etc., we are happy to help. Please encourage your students to connect with us on their own, beginning with the freshmen year. We have an advisory staff that could step in and help.
    • MyPlan. This online resource is meant to support your students/advisees in exploring interests, preferences, skills and other elements linked to careers. MyPlan is located on the Career Exploration and Development "Resources" page on the My.Gannon portal and can be accessed at no charge when using the appropriate code.
    • What Can I do With This Major?  This resource is also available for your students/advisees and breaks down different ways they can leverage their college degrees in a variety of professional fields. Some of the information may surprise you!  This resource includes helpful links to better prepare students for their next steps in their career planning.

    If you have other questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to call 814-871-7680.

Gannon University Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK)

Gannon University announces the launch of the Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK).