Professional and Liberal Arts Careers

  • The History and Archaeology Department offers a number of options for students to prepare themselves for a variety of professional. liberal arts, and social science careers.  There are five tracks/concentrations from which to choose a History major: 

     1) General History Track-This track is for students who want a general history major.  Students often combine this track with another major or minor in order to prepare themselves for, eg. graduate school, law school, government agencies, etc.

      2) Pre-Law 3 + 3 Track -This track is for students who are seeking early admission to law school.  The Gannon University - Duquesne School of Law 3 + 3 Early Admission Program facilitates a student's completion of a law degree in six rather than seven years.  Students complete their history major courses in three years and enroll in Duquesne for a three-year program.

     3) Archaeology and Public History Track -This track is for students who wish to combine their studies in history with archaeology and museum/archival studies.  With a few additional courses, including a number of internships and experiential lab classes, students in this track will be able to prepare themselves for introductory jobs in museums, government, libraries, and for graduate school in any number of fields, including museum studies, library studies, history and archaeology. 

     4) Social Studies Track- This track is for students who wish to study broadly in the fields of history, poitical science, geography, economics, sociology, anthorpology, archaeology, and psychology.  Such a strong foundation in social studies prepares this student for virtually any type of career and/or continued study in graduate school.

      5) Social Studies/Secondary Education Track- This track qualifies the student for Teacher Certification in Social Studies/Secondary Education.  It  is for the student who chooses to become a teacher of social studies in primary or secondary school.  Students formally apply for admission to the teacher education program through the School of Education.