Students Aiming for High-Altitude Dreams

GURPSI_teamPosted: December 12, 2013

A group of four Gannon University students are collecting donations to assist in the funding of a senior research project. The engineering students are conducting the Gannon University Raspberry Pi Space Initiative (GURPSI), which will send a computer into the Earth's atmosphere via high altitude balloon while recording its every move with picture and video.

The project is being researched and constructed by Chair David Kramer, software engineering major and information systems majors Coordinator Tim Wiley, Scribe Jon Clark and Production Manager Daisuke Takagi.

"The team has been working really hard every week, attempting to stay ahead of schedule. This is a very challenging project, but the finished product and launch will be well worth all of our hard work," said Kramer.

The team is hoping the Raspberry Pi computer will reach between 85,000 ft. and 110,000 ft. after launch. This type of feat requires some specific technology and equipment, such as a helium tank holding 190-210 cu. ft. of gas, a satellite GPS tracker, a radiation sensor/shield and a parachute, to name a few items.

The students have created their own webpage for the project, which includes an on going update on the status of their research and work with photos, video and blog posts. In an effort to successfully complete their senior projects and complete their education at Gannon with a memorable achievement of a lifetime, the team is collecting donations from now until February by applying for research grants, and finding support from within Gannon's community and the surrounding Erie community as well.

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