Gannon Students Gain Distinction Through Presentation of Research Projects

Posted: December 12, 2013

On an annual basis, Gannon University students cumulatively complete more than 67,000 hours of non-classroom learning experiences. But it is more than an accumulation of hours. At Gannon, it is the type of practical, hands on opportunities that will allow students to secure placement in their profession. Students pursuing research projects in the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences recently distinguished themselves through publishing and making presentations about that research, bringing them one step closer towards that goal.

Erica L. Carnright, PA-S, '13, and Heather P. Adams, MPAS, PA-C, assistant professor, published an article, "HPV Infection and Cervical Cancer Prevention," in "Clinician Reviews," a monthly, peer-reviewed publication for the nurse practitioner and physician assistant professions. The paper grew out of research done by Carnright while she was a student in the Physician Assistant program.

Two Gannon students, Jessica McDuff and Nicole McAllister received second- place for oral presentations given at the Regional Science Consortium's Ninth Annual Research Symposium held last month at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center At Presque Isle State Park in Erie. McDuff's presentation, "A study of an isolated population of Shorthead Garter snakes in Erie County, Pennsylvania," was overseen by Steve Ropski, Ph.D., professor of biology. McAllister's presentation, "Isolation of a diverse group of soil bacteria for future use in studying their effect on gender determination in Ceratopteris richardii," was in collaboration with Assistant Professor Sarah Ewing, Ph.D., and Mike Ganger, Ph.D., professor of biology.

Danielle Petrozelle '07 and Rebecca Iscrupe wrote an article "Framework for Fieldwork- Making the Most of Student- Educator Collaboration" in the July 22, 2013 edition of OT Practice, which is published by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

Jessica Hull and Silken Stark, both Occupational Therapy students and officers of the Gannon Student Occupational Therapy Association represented Gannon University at the 2013 Assembly of Student Delegates and AOTA conference in San Diego, Ca.

A poster presentation titled "Health Illiteracy: Examining Discrepancies In Body Mass Index (BMI) And Perceptions Of Body Morphology In Female Adolescents" was presented by third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy students Michelle Adams, Tori Darling, Kylee Gnesda and Kim Marmol, under the direction of Mary Jean Taylor, PT, PCS, adjunct faculty member. The students have had this presentation accepted for the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting in February 2014 and will attend this conference in Las Vegas, NV.

In October, more than 25 second- and third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students participated in the annual Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association conference held in Seven Springs, Pa. Twenty of these students volunteered their time to assist with the conference operations.

Nine Gannon physician assistant students attended the 38th annual conference of the Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants, October 16-19 at Erie's Bayfront Convention Center.

Dr. Steven Mauro, Dean of the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences explains this combined effort as extraordinary. "To participate in research as an undergraduate is one thing, but to get to the point of being able to present your work to experts in the field at regional or national conferences is something special. And to be at a level where a student can publish their work is nearly unheard of. The sheer number of students doing this on a regular basis here at Gannon showcases our dedication to scholarship, faculty excellence, and student preparedness."