Gannon University Announces Early College 1+3 Program

Posted: October 2, 2013

Gannon University today announced the creation of a new program that can significantly reduce the cost of college for graduates of Cathedral Preparatory School and Villa Maria Academy graduates.

Gannon's Early College 1+3 Program allows high school students who attend the high schools to accumulate a total of thirty credits through a combination of advanced placement high school courses approved through articulation agreements and Gannon's Dual-Enrollment courses.

The program, which was developed in conjunction with the two diocesan high schools, will allow Prep or Villa students the opportunity to complete in three years a course of study in one of 12 University programs.

Other benefits of the program include:

  • Decreasing cost to students and their parents
  • Decreasing time-to-degree completion
  • Increasing the value of a Gannon degree. Achieving a degree in three years means that students have a clear path to degree completion and can start earning an income sooner. This is important to parents and students who are concerned about the value of a college degree and securing employment
  • Maintaining access to financial aid. The program will be attractive for students who rely on Pell Grants, which are now available year-round as long as the student completes more than 24 credits over the fall, spring, and summer terms

Qualifying students must complete a specified combination of articulation-evaluation credits and credits completed via the dual enrollment program prior to entering as a full-time degree seeking student. Having done so, students can enter the University at the second year level.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for students at Erie's diocesan high schools, who can accumulate college credits at a significantly reduced cost and essentially graduate from high school as a Gannon sophomore," said Carolynn Masters, Ph.D., RN, Gannon's provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Students must meet programmatic admission criteria to be admitted into the major. Further, once enrolled as a student at Gannon, students must follow the designated curriculum plan to ensure completion of the degree in three years and meet all other degree requirements. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 128 credits for a bachelor's degree. The 1+3 Program also applies to certain 1+3+1 master's programs.

The programs of study eligible for the 1+3 program are communication arts and theatre, early childhood education pre-K-4, early childhood education pre-K-4 and special education pre-K-8, English, environmental engineering, history, legal studies, mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology, sport and exercise science and theology.Prep and Villa students who will be juniors in the 2014-14 academic year will be eligible for the full 1+3 Program. Gannon's existing articulation agreements and Dual-Enrollment courses will continue to be offered

For more information about the 1+3 program, call the Office of Admissions at (814) 871-7240, at 1-800-GANNON-U (1-800-426-6668) or at