Gannon Has Secrets

Posted: April 24, 2013

            Active Minds at Gannon University is sponsoring PostSecretU to create an outlet for students to express their secrets, thoughts, fears, desires or confessions. An ongoing display of the secrets, as well as other artwork, submitted by students will be held from April 24 until May 10 at the Schuster Gallery located on the third floor of Nash Library. There will be a free reception for the community held Wednesday April 24 from 6-8 p.m. at the Schuster Gallery including art from PostSecretU, and other Gannon forums, a Totem poetry reading and a dance performance. 

            Active Minds, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization and the leading voice in college student mental health. PostSecretU is one of Active Minds’ many programs for students. Created by Frank Warren, the program supports Active Minds’ efforts to change the perception about mental health and wellness on college campuses.

            From April 8 until April 19, Gannon’s chapter of Active Minds collected postcards from students that were submitted into an anonymous lock-box. On each postcard students wrote down a secret they may have been too embarrassed or ashamed about to tell anyone. According to Active Minds, these secrets can burden or impact our mental health. PostSecretU aims to create a safe, comfortable and anonymous space to share secrets.

           “PostSecretU brings people together and allows those who have felt isolated or alone to connect to a larger group,” says Frank Warren. “It starts a conversation that brings people together.”

            The student-submitted postcards will be artistically exhibited at the Schuster Art Gallery located on the third floor of Nash Library. At the reception on April 24, Active Minds of Gannon University will also be distributing information on local mental health resources to direct students whom wish to follow-up and speak to someone about their secret(s). Active Minds hopes the PostSecretU program will help create a community of support on campus where students can share their thoughts, feelings and fears more freely.