Gannon Named University Partner of Flagship Niagara

Gannon Named Flagship Niagara PartnerPosted: March 20, 2012

Gannon University has been named the official “university partner” for the Flagship Niagara, it was announced during a recent press conference at the Erie Maritime Museum.

As a key strategic partner, the University will provide financial support for the Niagara over the next two years. In addition to Gannon, Erie Bank and WJET-24/FOX-66/ were announced as strategic partners of the historic vessel.

Gannon University President Dr. Keith Taylor was one of several speakers to address the media during the press conference. “We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be a part of the educational, historical and exciting experiences the Brig Niagara provides,” Taylor said.

“Gannon has entered into a two-year partnership with the Flagship Niagara League that will help educate students, forward the Gannon University Mission and name and recognize our alumni and friends,” he added. “While we pride ourselves on being a community partner and anchor of downtown Erie, Gannon is also extending its influence around the country and the globe through online programs, study-abroad and now a most unique opportunity – the opportunity for students to spend part of the summer sailing on the Brig Niagara – experiential education at its most intense.”

The University’s partnership includes two scholarships that will enable Gannon students to experience life on the historic vessel, from July 11-31. “The voyage will take them to some of the most environmentally sensitive areas of Lakes Erie, Huron and Superior as they participate in the first-ever plastics study,” Taylor explained. “The course will be taught by a team of four professors, led by our friends at Niagara University in Buffalo.”

Taylor also noted that, as a result of the partnership, Gannon will plan events on the Niagara. One event is expected to be held in the fall, in Buffalo, with more planed for the summer of 2013.

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