Gannon University Announces New Partnership to Host Internationally Recognized Anatomy Conference

Press ConferencePosted: May 7, 2018

Gannon University and Chartered Professors, LLC announced Monday, May 7 the forging of an exciting new partnership that will welcome over 100 students and professors from several Italian medical universities to Erie at Gannon this summer as part of the Ninth Annual Professor Giovanni Mazzotti Anatomy Conference 2018.

The international human dissection Conference was co-founded in 2010 by Drs. Marion Olivieri and Mary Hurley and is named in honor of the programs' European champion, Professor Giovanni Mazzotti. Dr. Mazzotti served as both the President of the European Federation for Experimental Morphology and the Medical School at University of Bologna until his death in 2011. The conference will be hosted on Gannon University's campus July 14 through August 6; it is the largest program of its kind available in the world.

Hundreds of excellent students, from eight to 10 medical schools in Italy will apply to participate in the Conference; the selection process is competitive, as for most it is their only opportunity to experience hands-on dissection. The international medical students will complete pre- and post-conference exams to measure the impact of the experience, with the top-scoring students often being selected for highly coveted teaching assistant positions from their respective universities. Participants will also gain exposure to the U.S. medical professions and education, with complete access to cadaver and gross anatomy laboratories in Gannon's Morosky Academic Center. 

"We are honored to host the Ninth Annual Professor Giovanni Mazzotti Anatomy Conference on Gannon's campus and in our laboratory facilities," said Sarah Ewing, Ph.D., Dean of the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences. 

"The curriculum of Gannon's health professions programs is rooted in hands-on and experiential learning in clinical and community service settings. We are excited to share with the visiting international medical students, the same practical application our own students experience using the technology and equipment available in our laboratories to advance their education," said Ewing.

At the press conference announcement to sign official agreements of the partnership, the University welcomes members of Chartered Professors, LLC, including Dr. Marion Olivieri, Chief Executive Officer, Professor of Biology and Chemistry, and Dr. Mary Hurley, VP of Mission Integration and Professor of Anatomy and Biology.

"Gannon University has already proven to be a most welcoming institution! Our missions align perfectly. Gannon's Catholic heritage, dedication to healthcare and liberal arts education, excellent laboratory and residential facilities, and interest in international education make their site a perfect fit for the conference. We cannot wait to share these brilliant students with Erie and all that it offers, and Chartered Professors, LLC looks forward to a continued relationship that will benefit many for years to come," said Olivieri.

"This Conference creates a prestigious network of future professionals and promises to provide outstanding ambassadors of Gannon University and Erie, Pennsylvania," said Olivieri. "We are seeking local medical professionals and community participation for these gifted and vibrant future medical doctors that deeply appreciate any and all efforts made on their behalf." If you have information or interest please contact

"The students are so excited and appreciative for this experience. It means a lot, because when they are here, it is a chance of a lifetime for them. In just three weeks, a big window of opportunity is opened for the rest of their lives," Olivieri said.

In addition to completing the Conference, the visiting students will be immersed in the Erie community and surrounding areas to experience the culture and engaging life abroad to return to Italy as excellent global ambassadors and professionals of their institutions Chartered Professors' programs. 

"The partnership between Gannon University, Chartered Professors, LLC and the Italian universities sending participating students to the Conference, models Gannon's Mission of providing service and accessible education to transform the lives of students and help them to become socially responsible global citizens and our future health professions leaders," said Walter Iwanenko, Ph.D., Gannon University's Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

"We are excited to welcome the Italian students to campus this summer," said Iwanenko. "We are proud to host the Conference this year and provide the students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the medical field while becoming immersed in American culture and the vibrancy of the Gannon and Erie communities."

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