Gannon Voted Erie’s Best University in Erie’s Choice Awards

Posted: February 6, 2018

Erie residents voted Gannon University as Erie's Best University in the 2017 Erie's Choice Awards.

Over 111,000 votes were cast by Erie residents for the 2017 Erie's Choice Awards, with Gannon University receiving the title of Erie's Best University.

Erie's Choice Awards is an annual promotion sponsored by Erie Times-News and The awards use a ballot process for residents to cast their votes for their favorite institutions and service providers in categories that include business, education, home services, health providers, financial services, retail, vehicle dealers and services and more.

Gannon's urban location in the heart of downtown Erie makes it a prime location for students to be immersed in hands-on learning while engaging in the community. As part of Gannon University's Mission, the University is dedicated to making a high-quality education accessible to all students and to preparing its graduates to be successful leaders in the community and professionals in the field.

Adapting to a changing world and economy, Gannon's innovative academic programs continue to grow, providing unique and in-demand degree offerings that set its graduates apart. Students receive an outstanding level of personalized attention from dedicated and award-winning faculty experts in Gannon's expanding exceptional learning environments that are equipped with the tools and technology used by today's industry leaders.

The Gannon University experience incorporates learning that occurs outside the classroom and campus too, emphasizing the importance of developing socially responsible, global citizens.

In Erie and around the world, Gannon students engage in rich cultural, service and scholarly hands-on learning opportunities that lead to transformation in both the students and the communities they serve.

Gannon University embraces its responsibility as the region's premier Catholic University to be a vibrant engine for the economic and social development for our region. The University acts on this responsibility through its accessible academic offerings, service and direct contributions to stimulate business growth, open dialogue in the community, aid to our educational systems and preservation of our environment to increase the Erie community's overall quality of life.

Gannon University is honored and grateful to be named Erie's Choice for Best University in recognition of its service and commitment to its students and to the Erie community.

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