Gannon Students, Faculty Attend American College of Sports Medicine Conference

Posted: January 30, 2018

Nearly 30 undergraduate students from Gannon University's Sport and Exercise Science department recently attended a regional conference of the American College of Sports Medicine in Harrisburg.

Two recent Gannon University graduates, Josh McIntire and Gage Bunker, also presented research they completed while at Gannon during the two-day conference, which featured sessions on cardiovascular physiology, concussions, obesity and fitness, exercise and cancer, biomechanics, and more. McIntire examined different methods to assess cardiovascular fitness in athletes, while Bunker discussed different methods of assessing cardiovascular function with children on the autism spectrum. Bunker's research was conducted with subjects from a physical education class at the Barber National Institute, and Erie-based organization that provides behavioral health and intellectual disabilities services to children and adults in Pennsylvania.

Several Gannon faculty - Kory Stauffer, Suzanne Kitts, Tania Flink, Debra Stroiney and Rebecca Mokris -also presented research at the conference. Stauffer presented on behalf of a third Gannon graduate whose research focused on the club hockey team plyometric training method to develop power and strength in hockey players. Flink and Kitts' presentation discussed reaching at-risk female students for inactivity.  Stroiney and Mokris presented on self-myofascial release versus instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization on physical performance.

The conference was an opportunity for students to meet and share ideas with faculty and students from other schools, Assistant Professor of Sport and Exercise Science J. David Mosinski said.

"Ultimately, it's getting them exposed to the fact that there's tons of high-level research going on at universities across the mid-Atlantic region," Mosinski said.

The conference also gives students new tools and resources, he said. Sport and Exercise Science students can put what they learned into practice during their senior year, when they complete a practicum or a semester of research during an independent study.

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