Gannon University Announces New Degree in Public Service & Global Affairs

Posted: November 17, 2017

Gannon University has added a new Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Service & Global Affairs to begin in fall 2018. The new program in the University's College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences is an innovative response to the practical need to develop a humanities program that allows students to acquire real-world skills and expertise that prepares graduates for impactful careers.

Students majoring in Public Service & Global Affairs will articulate and implement a personal educational plan with the assistance of an advisor that includes specific programs of coursework, as well as subsidized study abroad experiences and internships. Upon completion of this degree, students will acquire an understanding of a broad range of international topics while simultaneously developing proficiency in a chosen foreign language. 

Students graduating with a bachelor's degree in Public Service & Global Affairs have a thorough foundation in the history, culture, language and government of major world regions. Additionally, they will learn about rich, diverse career opportunities available in public service, and the capabilities and limitations of public service in shaping domestic and global affairs.

"Public service and global affairs jobs of the twenty-first century require an education that emphasizes leadership, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. A degree in Public Service & Global Affairs enables students to obtain professional contacts, real-world skills, worldview and the confidence needed for their post-graduate lives and careers", said Jeff Bloodworth, Ph.D., associate professor of history and one of the faculty members who helped plan the Public Service & Global Affairs degree. "A career-oriented humanities major remains true to the university's Catholic mission and Archbishop John Mark Gannon's original vision, while also preparing students for the realities of the 21st century work world."

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