Gannon University Criminal Investigators Camp Begins

Posted: July 20, 2017

CSI technologies, evidence collection and an explosives demonstration are among the highlights of the Criminal Investigators Camp at Gannon University. Students 15-18 years old will learn from current and retired law enforcement personnel, including the lead investigators of FBI Major Case #203, better known as the "Pizza Bomber Case."

The overnight camp July 23-28 will engage students in the world of criminal investigation by following a real case that builds on itself each day until it is eventually solved by the camp's end. Throughout the week, law enforcement experts will teach students various investigation techniques that they later apply to solve the case.

The camp will utilize Gannon's Forensic Investigation Center, a historic family home repurposed into a state-of-the-art facility for learning all aspects of crime scene investigation. Along with a staging area used to create simulated crime scenes, the Center also includes a functioning forensics laboratory, interview and interrogation room, and a virtual reality firearms simulator.

"The Criminal Investigators Camp is literally a blast! Culminating in a mock trial in an actual courtroom, the camp is a unique educational and practical application experience of investigative law enforcement and the criminal justice system," said Jerry Clark,Ph.D., assistant professor of criminal justice.

Students will stay in a Gannon residence hall while they learn surveillance and SWAT techniques, collect and analyze evidence and use the firearms simulator and experience explosive demos. They finish the week where many criminal cases end: in a courtroom where Erie County Judge John Trucilla will address the campers before their graduation. 

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