Gannon University’s Phonathon Returns to Campus

Posted: June 16, 2017

After ten years, Gannon University's Phonathon is set to return to campus this September.

With the return of the Phonathon to campus comes the opportunity to further engage Gannon alumni in the life of the University, provide students with on-campus employment, as well as allow students to learn about philanthropy and giving back.

Gannon students will be calling to invite alumni, family and friends of the University to campus, local and regional events, and to solicit Annual Fund gifts.

The new Phonathon call center will be located on-campus in the Palumbo Academic Center and will have 15 calling stations, employing approximately 30 students. Student-athletes, fraternity and sorority members and other student club members will also have access to the call center to engage alumni from their organizations in their events throughout the year.

Phonathon will help Gannon students learn an invaluable skillset and provide a glimpse into the life of an active alumnus.  

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