Gannon University Celebrates Teachers

Posted: May 3, 2017

Gannon University's School of Education will host its annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner May 4 in Room 219 of the Waldron Campus Center, 124 W. Seventh St.

This annual dinner has been held for nearly 30 years to honor student teachers in the University's School of Education and their cooperating teachers. Merit and performance-based awards are given to selected junior and senior students based on faculty recommendations and GPAs.

These awards have a long and prestigious history and many are part of the legacy from Villa Maria College's School of Education, which became a part of Gannon in 1989.

Faculty members from the School of Education, University personnel, and school district and diocesan administrators are also invited to attend the dinner.

During the dinner, a commissioning ceremony will be held, during which student teachers pledge to provide knowledge and understanding to their students, serve as positive role models, be guided by a professional code of ethics and commit themselves to continual improvement and lifelong learning.

This ceremony marks the passage from being a student to becoming a teacher. Each award given is tailored to the specific personality and achievements of the awardee, and faculty presenters are matched to students so that the awards presentations are very personal.

"It is teachers who teach the teachers, and everyone has benefited from the efforts of outstanding teachers," said Janice Whiteman, interim director for the School of Education. "The Teacher Appreciation Dinner is a way for the School of Education to affirm the value of teaching and our students' choice to become the teachers who will influence the next generation of learners."

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