Erie Chamber Orchestra Receives Two Grants

Posted: April 10, 2017

The Erie Chamber Orchestra recently received two grants to support the orchestra's mission of ensuring that everyone has access to classical music, regardless of age, income, education or cultural background.

The grants, $32,000 from the Clarence E. Beyers Music Performance Fund, and $3,433 from the PA Partners in the Arts grant program, will enable the orchestra to continue its 39-year history of providing educational and cultural programming to the Erie region.

"Our deepest thanks go to these organizations for their continued and invaluable support," said S. Camille Pierce, the orchestra's general manager. "Because we offer all of our concerts for free, the acquisition of grant funding for the Erie Chamber Orchestra is not only helpful, it's essential. The amount of support that the ECO receives from these organizations proves how important it is to the community." 

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