Gannon University Professor Takes on New Role as Film Producer

Posted: November 17, 2016

Elisa Konieczko, Ph.D. has many roles at Gannon University. She is professor of biology, a former president of Faculty Senate and now Gannon's faculty career mentoring coordinator. This year, her CV can include a new accomplishment: film/video producer for Celldance Studios.

The studio is the fanciful name given to the American Society for Cell Biology's (ASCB) public information committee. Konieczko was chosen to be one of three committee members to act as advisors for a series of three videos entitled "Tell Your Own Cell Story" that will premiere at ASCB's 56th annual meeting December 3-7 in San Francisco.

Konieczko was the film producer for the lab of Roberto Weigert, Ph.D., whose video was produced at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and will, according to the ASCB, include "eye-popping live cell imaging framed in accessible narratives that will dazzle both biologists and the public." Her main function was to review the early versions of the video and make suggestions on how to edit the production for length and understanding by the general public.

Viewers of the video that Konieczko produced will peer inside the cells of live mice and rats using a recent technology called sub-cellular intravital (SCIV) microscopy that can make visible the strange beauty behind the critical cellular process of membrane trafficking.

"Viewers of this film will be able to see white blood cells and other cells of the body dramatically change their shape as they move through the blood vessels and tissues of the body," Konieczko said. "These cells are constantly rearranging the structure of their membranes so that they can move through the nooks and crannies of the tissues of the body."

The three ASCB member labs chosen (the others are at Virginia Tech and the Institut Curie in Paris) each received a $1,000 grant from ASCB plus full services including final editing, a musical score, credits, titles and promotion assistance. This is the third year of Celldance Studio's "Tell Your Own Cell Story" videos. The 2014 and 2015 Celldance videos can be seen here