Gannon’s Global Students to Hold Diversity Day at Diehl School

Posted: November 15, 2016

Students from the Erie School District's Diehl Elementary School will get a first-hand immersion in cultures from around the world at a Diversity Day event on Thursday, Nov. 17.

Approximately 50 students from Gannon University's Office of English Language and Global Training will spend the day at the school, located at 2327 Fairmont Pkwy., to share their cultures and customs with the 600 Diehl students.

The project seeks to bridge the cultural divide between nationalities and languages and to provide a connection between the ESL students and the Erie community. Additionally, while the elementary school students learn about cultures and languages not their own, the Gannon English Language and Global Training students are aided in the development of their language skills while recognizing their connection to their local neighbors.

Ronald Fye, assistant director of the Office of English Language and Global Training, said, "It is important for students to develop a global awareness and an understanding of other cultures to meet success in the global village of the work field. Fear and prejudice can be alleviated through experiences with other cultures. This project enables young children and their families to cross many of the cultural barriers through fun and exposure."

The goal is to continue the project so that it becomes a part of the community conversation to demonstrate progress in the international cultural understanding of the community, especially for the benefit of the global students and families in the refugee population who have made their homes in Erie. 

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