Gannon University Holds 64th Model United Nations Session

Posted: November 11, 2016

The Gannon University Model U.N. is the longest-running organization of its type in the country, and the second- oldest Model U.N. in the world. Every year, the conference brings together about 450-500 high school students from Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York in a simulation of the year's actual U.N. proceedings. Moderated by Gannon University faculty, staff and students, the event is an opportunity for understanding the complex challenges faced by the international community and learning about diverse cultures and political systems across the globe.

This year, the 64th Annual Gannon Model U.N. conference will be held on Nov. 11-12 on Gannon University's campus and will be attended by approximately 450 high school students from 21 schools in the tri-state region. Gannon students and staff have been preparing for this conference all year and will facilitate dialogue and discussion on important topics in world affairs.

This year's conference addresses important issues for the U.N. General Assembly, such as combatting the threat of new challenges in armed conflicts, including the control of lethal autonomous weapons and regulation of private security companies; encouraging international cooperation in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic fraud and identity-related crime; working toward universal principles for assistance and protection of international undocumented migrants; strengthening the ability of all countries to deal with the impacts of climate change and addressing the dangers of public health outbreaks on women and children.

In addition to these committees there will be a simulation of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with the topic of working toward crime prevention and the challenges of rehabilitating inmates. As always the U.N. Security Council simulation will address current security issues, and the Historical Security Council will go back to the year 1979 to address the Iranian Revolution and the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union among other events as they unfolded in that year.

The Gannon University Model United Nations held its annual flag-raising ceremony at the Erie City Hall on Thursday, Nov. 10. The U.N. flag raising was done jointly by the Secretary General Katherine E. Greissinger, a biology major at Gannon University, and Mayor Joseph E. Sinnott. Sinnott also issued a proclamation declaring United Nations Week and offered some remarks on the Gannon Model U.N. 

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