Join Gannon University For Two Exciting Entrepreneurship Events

Posted: April 6, 2016

Join Gannon University for two exciting entrepreneurship events this Thursday at the Center for Business Ingenuity, 900 State St. Join company clients of the Erie Technology Incubator, RendrFX and Data Inventions, as they demonstrate their cutting-edge software solutions and showcase their products. Demonstrations will be held in Gannon's Business Information System's Laboratory (BISL) on the second floor, which features multiple large viewing screens and technology that will provide attendees with a unique perspective into each company's capabilities. Immediately following the demonstrations, join us for the announcement of Gannon University's fifth Technology Business Accelerator winner.

Fifteen technology-driven ideas and companies, eight weeks of learning, and it all comes down to one question: Who will win the $10,000 check, legal assistance from MacDonald Illig Jones & Britton LLP and MMI Intellectual Property, free seminar admittance at Ben Franklin Technology Partners eMarketing Learning Center, and a place in Gannon University's Erie Technology Incubator (ETI) for six months.

The 15 participating companies are:

  1. DaBull (technology/app - Gannon student team)

  2. Elite Industries (medical - Gannon student team)

  3. Delectabites (food processing)

  4. USeeMee (technology/app)

  5. GoodsNet LLC (technology/software)

  6. Blake Hoppe, D.O. (medical - recently joined Gannon faculty)

  7. InnCampus (technology/hospitality - Gannon student team)

  8. Matt Jeglinski (manufacturing sales/e-commerce)

  9. Lake Effect Decoys (consumer products)

  10. Pointe Foure LLC (apparel, e-commerce)

  11. PopOver Enterprises (technology/app)

  12. Quazi Studios (apparel, e-commerce)

  13. TabTOGZ (consumer products)

  14. Werner Books (e-commerce transition)

  15. West Grandview Sports and Games (e-commerce/logistics) 

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