Explore What’s Good for U at the 12th Annual Wellness Fair

Posted: February 1, 2016

Gannon University's Good for U wellness initiative, will be showcased for members of the campus community and their families  "Explore What's Good for U" at the twelfth-annual Wellness Fair, held at the Recreation and Wellness Center on Feb. 2.

At Gannon University, wellness is more than physical health. It is multi-dimensional and includes social connectedness, emotional wellbeing, intellectual processing, spirituality and an appreciation of our natural environment. The twelfth-annual Wellness Fair will provide an opportunity for participants to nurture each of these dimensions through engaging activities, interactive displays and innovative technology.

In addition, a series of GU Talks by Gannon University experts will allow those in attendance to learn about a variety of wellness-related issues. Good for U is aiming to empower Wellness Fair participants with the knowledge, motivation and skills necessary to make healthy changes in their lifestyle behaviors.

In order to accommodate the busy schedules of those planning to attend, programming for the Wellness Fair will be organized into three time-periods: Wellness at Work (8 a.m. - 1 p.m.) Happy Hour and Family Dinner (4 - 7 p.m.) and Late Night Wellness (9 p.m. - 12 a.m.), which are all free to the Gannon community.

Mary Jean Taylor, director of university wellness, calls the Wellness Fair a fun and energetic event that all are encouraged to attend.

"There is something for everyone at the Wellness Fair, whether this includes an opportunity to connect with our community wellness partners, take a pilgrimage through a labyrinth, or navigate an obstacle course inspired by ninja warriors," Taylor said.

"Most importantly, it is a chance to come together as a community and fortify our well-being at the beginning of a new-year, when most of us are seeking ways to make positive changes in our lives."

Gannon University employees are able to enter to win a weekend get-away at Peek n' Peak Resort and Spa, while university students will have the opportunity to win over $500 in gift cards.

More information about the Gannon University Wellness Fair, including scheduled event times, is available here or by contacting Mary Jean Taylor here

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