Nanotech Lab Named For Retired Professor With Charitable Gift To Gannon University

Posted: January 5, 2016

A charitable gift to Gannon University by retired chemistry professor Carl A. Hultman, Ph.D. has been acknowledged by the University by naming the nanotechnology lab in honor of his long teaching career. Hultman has taught many classes through since joining the Gannon University faculty in 1976. They included analytical chemistry and advanced inorganic and polymer science, but his real love is nanotechnology.

"I am honored to have my name associated with the nanotechnology program at Gannon University," Hultman said.

Hultman holds several patents and has worked to establish the Northwestern Pennsylvania Nanotechnology Consortium whose mission it is to develop the region as a recognized center for nanotech business, education and research.

"The nanotechnology program at Gannon is another example of Gannon's ability to present relevant state of the art programs to its students," Hultman added.

Hultman earned his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in 1966 and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Pennsylvania State University in 1975. In his spare time, Carl can be heard around the Erie region playing jazz, swing, bluegrass, and country and blues guitar. 

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